Saturday March 2, 2002


President A. Assis welcame the attending members: representatives of 22 Member Nations, Animateurs of the Working Groups, representatives of the publishers and Executive Members.


The Agenda was approved without amendments.


The Minutes of the Meeting 2001 were approved without amendments.


4.1 Internal Communication


In 2001 TRIBUNE was published in four issues (152 pages) amounting to

3 000 copies. The main income sources were advertisements for 51 800 Euros and the sales for 9 000 Euros.

Copies of TRIBUNE are distributed for free to Animators and Vice Animators (10 copies each), Individual Affiliate Members and Corporate Affiliate Members (1 copy each).

A special issue of Tribune has just been published "Why go Underground" which is meant to be sold and distributed widely to Governments, international associations, etc. in order to present IT A and also to convince, when appropriate, that the underground solution is the right one

Last year a survey of satisfaction was launched by IT A among its members, but the number of replies received was disappointing. Only seventeen questionnaires came back: thirteen from Member Nations, two from Animators and two from Executive Members. So this will be relaunched a second time hoping that the impact will be greater .

In 2002, four issues of TRIBUNE are planned as follows :

No 22 focus on Belgium

No 23 Spain

No 24 Sweden

No 25 Netherlands

A special issue on the seminar on "Fire Safety" held in Lausanne in 2000 will be reprinted in a better quality.

On the website, it is the issue before the last of TRIBUNE which should be shown. It has not always been the case because of technical problems.

According to the web provider, TRIBUNE represents the most visited pages on the ITA Website.


It is specially important for members coming from countries where the normal mail services are inefficient.

.The forum, for instance, should be more used.

In the near future, following improvements are planned for the site:

-a link to all Member Nations' websites;

-logos and e-mail addresses of each Member Nation;

-a list, with names and full address, of animateurs, vice-animateurs and tutors of the different WG;

-a private forum for Corporate Members to be activated this year;

-TUST to be activated.


Glossary: everyone is encouraged to help improving the glossary.

ITA web site should be linked to all member nations' websites.

The logo and e-mail addresses of every member nation will be introduced on the site.

A list, with names and full address, of animateurs, vice-animateurs and tutors of the different WG should be put on the website.

A private forum for corporate members is going to be activated this year.

TUST is also going to be activated.

The President underlined the fact that internal communication between ITA

members is going to be done more and more via Internet (i. e. convocations for countries where postal mail do not get easily through).

4.2 External Communication -TUST

 Publications in year 2001 :

number of issues published: 4

total of papers published: 33

number of nations / regions authors belong to: 21

special issue/section: one special section "Tunneling in Taiwan"

Planned publication in year 2002:

number of issues to be published: 5

total of papers to be published: 40-45

number of nations / regions authors belong to: 20-25

IT A WG reports: 2

special issue/section: one special section "Tunneling in Japan"

In the future, TUST would like to publish one special issue focusing either on a country / region or on a specific topic / Working Group. From 2004 on, TUST aims at adding even one more issue per year, as well as to publish extended abstracts of world tunneling congress papers.

Finally, Member Nation representatives and Working Group animateurs are encouraged to discuss with TUST editors the possibility to publish technical works on their own countries or disciplines.


to publish one special issue a year on a country / region or on a topic / working group

to possibly increase one more issue in year 2004

to publish extended abstracts of World Tunneling Congress papers.

Member Nation representatives and Working Group animateurs are invited to discuss with the Publishers on the possibility of publishing the technical works in your countries or disciplines.


A Tender will be issued for the renewal of the contract with a publisher for Tribune; European Member Nations will be consulted in order to provide names of publishers they would like to compete.

Member Nation will be invited to designate an official correspondent to ITA for the questions of communication.

Improve relations between TUST and TRIBUNE.

Anyone interested in helping ITA with communication, should make himself known.

ITA will publish some guidelines in order to help the animateurs for the publications; especially in TUST; the guidelines concern the executive summary (French and English) and the identification of the authors.